Are all TREC approved instructors required to take an Adult Education Class as part of their instructor renewal?

Effective January 1, 2016, instructors of qualifying and non-elective CE courses must provide proof of completion of an 8 hour adult education instructor training course acceptable to the Commission that has been completed within the four years preceding the filing of an application for initial or subsequent approval. An instructor who holds a current CREI, CDEI or DREI designation or who has completed the ITI program through TAR within the last four years will have satisfied this requirement.

If you are a current instructor of Qualifying and Non-Elective CE courses you have until the expiration date of your current instructor approval to provide proof that you have satisfied this requirement. You must submit a copy of a course completion certificate or current designation when you file your subsequent instructor application. If you are teaching GRI, you must complete the Texas Realtor Instructor Training Institute. All other instructors may choose from a list of the acceptable providers.

Instructors approved to only teach elective CE are not required to take this training.

How do I get scheduled to teach classes through Texas REALTORS® University?

Regardless of the class, we need a current copy of your TREC instructor approval letter. We have then various approval processes depending on the class, noted on the Resources page. Ultimately, Texas REALTORS® University qualifies classes and instructors, and it’s the course host who contracts instructors for the specific course instances.